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Assurant Intermediary and UK General have enhanced the Additions Household Insurance product with improved acceptance criteria now in place.

A summary of the enhancements to the Additions product are below:

Postcode Ratings:

There are now more acceptable risks with generated quotes more specific to individual properties rather than within a postcode under the same area / risk bracket. 

A sector rating has also been added to enable us to quote on the closest match if a postcode doesn’t currently exist within the full table (new-builds where the postcode is so new we don’t have it in our list).

Valuables within the home

Total Valuables within the home has increased from £15,000 to £20,000.

Client credit history

We are now able to cover:

  • IVA / CCJ that is over 6 year old from when it was issued
  • IVA / CCJ that has been settled/paid off (fully)
  • Bankruptcy where the Bankruptcy is no longer in force

 Subsidence areas

Quotes can now be referred rather than declined if there is a certificate of structural adequacy.

Listed Buildings 

We are now able to cover Grade 2* and Grade B+ buildings.

Business use 

We are now able to cover policyholders working from home in the following sectors:

Beauty, Clerical Work, Fostering, Medical, Production (inc artists/photographers etc) & Tuition.

Why not login and try a quote today or talk to us on 03332 000 444 or email advisers@assurant.com