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We were informed recently that UKG are no longer looking to provide the capacity to Lexelle for their Legal products. 

Lexelle have been working hard to find us alternative capacity and with effect from 1st October 2020, we have changed the Lexelle products available to customers.

The new capacity provider through Lexelle are called Financial & Legal Insurance

The Residential Legal product has been upgraded to Platinum and the documents below will be going out to customers where they are being transferred to Platinum at renewal to show the differences in cover. 

Notice to Policyholders - Household

Notice to Policyholders - Landlord

There have also been some changes to the premiums for the Household and Landlord schemes as shown in the table below.  

The Landlord Legal Expenses product with Rent Guarantee is still unavailable for new business sales and the new premiums stated below are for renewals only. 

We are monitoring the current situation regarding the Landlord's position against all elements of this product and we hope to have the Legal Expenses with Rent Guarantee back for sale on new business policies as soon as we are in a position to do so.







Lexelle Family Legal Expense



Platinum Legal - Lexelle



Lexelle Landlords Legal Protection



Landlord Legal - Lexelle



Lexelle Landlords Legal Protection + Rent



Landlord Legal and Rent (6m) - Lexelle



Any valid saved quotes with the previous Lexelle products on can still be submitted  as long as you do not make any changes to the quote.

If you do requote, this will be subject to the new rates for the new legal expenses products, this could also knock on to the main policy premium. 

There is pop up warning box about changing or requoting on the Quofomra+ quoting system if you do attempt this.

Please read and consider this carefully before requoting as we cannot honour previous saved quotes.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact our Sales Support Team or your BDM.

Keep safe and keep well, good luck for a successful Q4 for your business.