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A system release has gone in to the quote system which will take effect from 1st May.

This release will contain several changes across the insurer panel (which we don’t get details on) but there two changes you need to be aware of on the UKG Schemes.

New max visitors limit going into all UKG Residential schemes. 
This is as a direct result of the recent quote system change we made where we now capture number of visitors per day.  
UKG have always had their limit at 5 per week, but as we didn’t capture the data, it wasn’t built in the scheme. 

  • Now for all quotes starting on or after 01/05/21, if the box for visitors a week is greater than 1 then it will decline (for extra clarity that means if it is 1 it will quote).

All UKG schemes postcode file update. 
For all quotes with a start date on or after 01/05/21:

  • UKG have not updated their postcode file for a couple of years now, so they have provided us with an up to date version (the ratings for each postcode haven’t changed).
  • They have however added a few more declines for things like flood risk areas that they used to accept but are no longer willing to offer cover (to give you an idea an additional 0.16% of postcodes are now declining compared to the previous file).

We want to make you aware of both of these because even though the chances of this causing a problem are very low, we could end up in a situation over the coming weeks where you have completed a quote on the rules for April but it doesn’t end up starting until after 1st May.

If an attempt to requote is made and the pop up box warning ignored, if the risk is affected by either of the 2 areas above, when you re-quote in May these changes will result in declines. 

The website requote warning message was put in as a flag which should prevent this happening accidentally, as once it declines it makes it very difficult, potentially impossible, for us to revert the quote back. 

However we will do what we can but would rather you tell us what you need doing so we can look at it from a back office point of view first rather than trying to fix the front end error.

We are always happy to help and support so please contact us if you have any queries or want to discuss.

Thaks for your continued support.

Sales Support Team
03332 000 444