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The Modus Landlord’s Insurance product offers Assurant advisers, introducers, and their customers competitive and comprehensive cover for most tenanted and vacant residential properties. Providing the Landlord with the flexibility to switch between different tenant types including unoccupied depending on their circumstances - all under the same policy.

Modus Landlord’s Insurance delivers unique cover for your customers including: -

Unoccupied with Full Cover – Modus is the only insurer on the panel to offer full cover for unoccupied properties from the outset. Full cover includes cover for Escape of Water. Even a small leak can quickly become a torrent, causing expensive and disruptive damage. Don't overlook or underestimate the importance of full cover on unoccupied properties.                                                                                             

(*) different cover levels available via the Assurant Sales Support team.

Identity Fraud – Modus includes this cover as standard for Assurant Intermediaries. A growing problem with residential landlords being extremely vulnerable when letting their property to tenants or whilst it is vacant. This covers the advisers’ costs of up to £25,000 to defend a policyholders’ legal rights and/or take reasonable steps to remove any County Court Judgements that have been obtained by an organisation that allege to have provided purchased, hired or leased goods or services from as a result of Identity Fraud.

Cyber Support Helpline – Included within Identity Fraud, this cover enables a customer to talk to an expert about problems they may be having with personal electronics that are believed to be related to a cyber-attack.

Modus in partnership with Assurant want to make it as easy as possible for you and your customers to enjoy peace of mind with competitive and relevant cover. Whilst many insurers want to know who the tenancy agreement is held between, this is not a requirement and does not need to be declared. We can also accept policyholders that live outside of the UK providing they are a UK citizen.  An ideal proposition for landlords using a trusted third-party to manage their property.