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Recent news showed that mortgage activity hit a lockdown high with purchase mortgage search volumes 25% higher than any other day during lockdown*.

Really positive news and 
a very welcome increased demand on your time from customers enquiries!

In addition to this, you may have been used to passing your customer leads over to a third party B&C specialist, external or within your own group or network, to help your customers with their general insurance needs.

It could be that, because of the disruption caused by the current crisis, your usual contact may still be on furlough or even no longer in business.

As a major specialist GI provider, we want to remind you that Assurant Intermediary is here for you and we are ready to step up and help maximise your income opportunities while also providing your customers with the cover they need.

As you may already know, our Gold Scheme provides a service for introducers where customers can be referred to us, so that we can provide compliant advice and offer suitable B&C solutions to help your customers.

This can be a short or long term solution, allowing you to offer the service but saving your time while still building you a renewable income; all successful referrals are paid at 17.5% of the annual premium, new business and at renewal.

Talk to your customers about a B&C insurance quote then login to your Assurant dashboard and ‘Refer your clients’.


Complete the required fields and submit; that’s all YOU need to do!


So, whether you are already aware of the opportunities to serve your customers by referring them or are beginning to see how it could work for you and your client bank, do make contact with us here at Assurant Intermediary.

Let us show you how we can help you to satisfy customer needs and begin to build you a regular income and all without you having to lift a finger.

03332 000 444


* https://www.financialreporter.co.uk/mortgages/mortgage-activity-hits-lockdown-high-twenty7tec.html