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Based on feedback from you, our users, we have updated and improved our Quoforma+ quote system. Changes include:

- Advanced insurer comparison where you can select the household or landlord products you want to compare (Products and Information page).

- A second page added to the Comparison document on the Quote Results page (Funnel 4) to give further information on top 3 or selected quotes.

- A pre-sale application that can be used (Funnel 6) for your clients to confirm details before submission.

- Marital Status has been added (Funnel 2) for discounted ratings where applicable and available.

- Generate Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly report buttons for your business from the Dashboard (Stats and Reports section).

- An auto generated BCIS figure to display the High, Expected and Low rebuild figures for a property (Funnel 1).

- Facility to delete quotes no longer required under Retrieve Quotes.

- In line with insurers requirements, we have also amended the wording on the Claims. Locks, Subsidence and Flooding questions and added a Landlord Occupation question.

Why not login and take a look to quote today - if you have any queries or want to know more - please do get in touch