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Adviser Support Services


We want to help our business partners and adviser firms to offer and sell more Buildings & Contents insurance to their clients.

We have created a resource centre that contains guides, product information and marketing tips to assist individual advisers or firms when they are talking to clients about their Buildings and Contents needs. 

If you are registered with us, you will be able to log in and view a suite of constantly growing materials but the items below show some of the information you can use when you work with us.


Adviser Support ideas pack

A support pack with suggested content for client contact that was originally created at the very beginning of the pandemic to help mortgage brokers and financial advisers support and help protect their clients


An introduction to Home Insurance

A basic introduction to Home Insurance


Non Standard cover available through our "standard" panel

Examples of what could be considered non standard cover that is available through our standard panel and the Quoforma+ quoting system


Landlord panel summary

An overview of the Assurant Landlord Panel cover


Household valuables and personal possessions cover summary

The levels of cover and limits available from our household panel for valuables and personal possessions cover


Using B&C insurance as a door opener

How you can use Buildings and Contents insurance as a "door opener" for both existing and new clients


The benefits & value of discussing B&C with every customer

A great opportunity for you to reassess your client bank and create a robust, every day process to offer B&C to all customers 


Household Data Capture Form

Send to your clients to complete and return or complete yourself prior to submitting online


Landlord Data Capture Form

Send to your clients to complete and return or complete yourself prior to submitting online


How advisers add value on Home Insurance

As an adviser, how you can add value to your clients and why they should look to buy their Home Insurance from you.


ABI Guide to Home Insurance

A helpful guide published by the ABI to help learn more about Home Insurance.


This form is for use when estimating the total value of your belongings / contents in your property. The quickest way to calculate the value of your contents is to systematically go through every room in the house and make an inventory. Include as much as you can, whether it’s the contents of your freezer or a laptop. Always remember to include over looked items such as soft furnishings, curtains and clothes. Also carry out an inventory of the shed, garage or outbuildings because garden tools like a lawnmower or perhaps a bike can be expensive.

You then need to calculate how much it would cost to replace every single item on the list with a new equivalent. The internet could help if you cannot remember the item value or you might be able to find old receipts. Remember to keep the list up to date as we constantly acquire possessions throughout our lives, especially if you buy a new sofa, TV or other more expensive items. Finally, if you have any antiques, we often recommend that you call in an expert for a valuation.

When you have a total, you can obtain a contents insurance quotation from Assurant for at least that amount, please be aware it is at all times the responsibility of the policyholder to ensure the total figure reflects the true replacement cost of your possessions.

Include items such as furniture, clothing & footwear for all the family, bed linen, lamps etc
Include items such as soft furnishings, TVs, DVD/Blu-Ray players, game consoles, sofas etc
Include items such as crockery, cutlery, baking utensils, white goods, contents of freezer etc
Include items such as table and chairs, china/glassware, silverware, wines/spirits etc
Include items such as aftershaves and perfume, electric toothbrush, toiletries etc
Include items such as plants, garden furniture, sports equipment, garden tools, lawnmowers etc
Include items such as computers, laptops, software, printers, books, desk and chair etc
Include items such as ornaments, pictures/paintings, collectibles, miscellaneous etc
Include items such as curtains, rugs, floor coverings etc
Include items such as iPods, mobile phones, jewellery, watches, bikes etc




We have designed our quote system so the first stage is a quick “click and select” process. This allows you to give us some key information to indicate which insurers may offer cover and an initial indication of a premium.

View our introduction video



Stage two asks for further client and property information such the valuables cover required, specified items, locks and claims details that will further refine and personalise the cover and premium based on the clients needs.


The third stage requires confirmation of our underwriting questions and your client may be asked additional questions for more details. In a lot of instances, cover can still be available through the Quoforma+ portal on one of our standard policies but occasionally, we may not be able to offer cover. In these instances, we have other insurers we can call to discuss the client’s requirements and to source cover for you.


When the first 3 stages are complete, you will see your panel of quote results. You can add additional cover options such as legal expenses or home emergency and include a voluntary excess. From here you can view and print your quote illustration, export the quote results for your research evidence and if you need to, create a Demands and Needs document.


Stage five requires you to confirm the final information required on the policy including noting any lender interest to the policy, your clients choice of monthly or annual payment options and how you would like the policy to be actioned and quoted by us at renewal.


This page allows you to view a summary of the full details you have submitted into the system in order for you to check the information is correct. If you need to need to change any details, you can navigate back into the system to make your changes and then proceed through again before you insert a start date and submit your clients policy.


The final stage of the Quoforma+ system confirms to you that the policy has been submitted and a policy number generated. Your clients policy documentation including their policy schedule will be automatically generated in pdf format that you can save to your client file or send to the client or solicitor; immediately if you need to. Click on the home button in the top right hand corner and you are back to your logged in Home page to use again - simple!


Gold Service allows you to offer your clients Household and Landlords’ insurance through a referral process, enabling you to earn commission with very little work from your side. It’s an ideal way of taking the weight off your shoulders without the service you offer to clients falling down.

Find out even more here

All you need to do is complete a short online referral form, and a member of our professional, expert Gold Service team will call your clients on the specified day and time.

Using our Gold Service eliminates your compliance risk, as we ensure that the service provided meets customers’ needs and are responsible for all compliance and regulatory requirements.

You will receive an introducer commission of 17.5% on all policies we sell and will continue to receive this on every policy renewal. For non-standard, commercial or any other policies you refer, commission levels will differ depending on the cover required and policy sold.

If you have an existing Assurant agency, login to the adviser portal, click on Refer Your Clients and provide details of the customer you’d like us to contact - we'll do the rest!

If you don’t have an Assurant agency and would like to find out more about working with us, email advisers@assurant.com or call 03332 000 444. Click here to apply.


Overwrite blue guidance text with customer details, all fields need to be completed

Further Guidance Notes

Customer email address

We would also like an email address for the customer on all leads because this allows us to send a data capture form or to agree an appropriate time to call if we are unable to speak to them at this initial contact time. We will not email your customers for any other reason.

Preferred contact date and time

Please give as much notice as possible and allow for a 2 hour window of contact. “AM” or “PM” or a specified time is very acceptable, please do not put “ASAP”.

Estimated/approx. start date

This will help us even if this is an estimated date – for example “early April”.

Additional Information

Any additional information you can give on the cover required will be helpful. Examples may be:

  • Property is non-standard construction
  • Property has suffered from subsidence or flooding
  • Property is standard but has a high level of contents that need to be covered
  • Property has 8 bedrooms
  • Customer has previous claims that cannot be covered
  • Customer has previous convictions that cannot be covered

Other examples of useful additional information that will help us help you and the customer may be:

  • Customer is hard of hearing, please speak clearly and maybe a little louder.
  • Customer works nights, please only call in the PM.
  • English is the customers second language, they may want email communication.
  • The property is unoccupied and needs to be insured following the death of customer’s father, please be sensitive to this.


Number of policies sold per month
Average annual premium (£)
Average retention rate (%)
Year 1 £0
Year 2 £0
Year 3 £0
Year 4 £0
Year 5 £0
Total £0


A member of our Gold Service Team will call your customer on the date and time that you have requested.