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Adviser information - manual notifications

Assurant Intermediary have always worked closely with our supporting adviser firms and partners and we aim to deliver as high a service as possible to you at all times.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, this has included additional notification to our adviser firms and partners on the following areas:

  1. Cancelled Direct Debit Mandates
    Where we have received notification that a customer has cancelled their direct debit at the bank.

  2. Payment reminder letters
    Where we have written to a customer that has not paid or we have been unable to collect a premium due for a policy. Examples of this (for renewal or new business) can include:
    1. Annual payment by Credit or Debit Card
    2. Annual payment by cheque
    3. A bounced direct debit (monthly or annual)

  3. Alternative quote accepted
    Where a customer has called in to us directly to accept the alternative quote offered to them at renewal.

  4. Declined renewals
    Where a customer has an existing policy that is declined with the original insurer at renewal and no other alternative can be offered through the Assurant panel.

Due to a higher number of supporting adviser firms and partners and an increase in new business levels, we are no longer able to support the process of this manual notification with effect from 1st June 2024.

With the correct permission levels, some of this information is already available via the Quoforma+ dashboard. Going forward, we are working to bring in dashboard information and notification of these areas to all advisers and will notify you in due course when this will be available.

Should you need information on any of these areas, the best and most efficient way of requesting this is to send your request via email to advisers@assurant.com

Thank you for your understanding on this matter, we value your continued support to our business.