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Product rating
Level of Buildings Cover
Level of Contents Cover
Accidental Damage
Maximum Bedrooms
Buildings Excess
Contents Excess
Standard Excess
Escape of Water Excess
Escape of Water Excess
Subsidence – Excess
Total Valuables Limit
Unspecified Valuables Single Item Limit
Specified Valuables Single Item Limit
Total Personal Possessions Limit
Unspecified Personal Possessions Single Item Limit
Specified Personal Possessions Single Item Limit
Malicious Damage
Loss of Rent
Buildings - Accidental Damage
Contents - Accidental Damage
Trace and Access
Business use
Business Stock
Business Visitors
Business Equipment
Tenants Liability
Contents in the Garden
Plants in the Garden
Personal Liability
Contents in Outbuildings
Theft from Outbuildings
Landlords Legal Liability
Money in the home
Replacement of Locks/Keys
Emergency Access Buildings
Rating Type
Alternative Accommodation
Unoccupancy Period
Unoccupied property from outset
Identity Theft cover
Home Emergency
Legal Expenses and Limit
Rent Guarantee
Pedal Cycles - Unspecified
Pedal Cycles
Underground Services
Claims Number


In addition to our extensive Home and Landlords product ranges, we offer a number of additional products. These are products covering specific items or situations, which your clients can select to enhance to our main Home or Landlord products.

Whilst home insurance policies may provide some legal cover, there are many other situations that clients should consider insuring themselves against. This type of insurance will help to cover the legal costs if, for example, your client has an employment issue such as unfair dismissal, a dispute with a tradesman or perhaps a clinical negligence complaint. Legal expenses insurance provides access to a legal advice helpline, plus help to find a specialist lawyer and the cost of legal fees, up to a certain amount.
In addition to the standard Legal expenses insurance that provides access to a legal advice helpline, plus help to find a specialist lawyer and the cost of legal fees, up to a certain amount, there is also an additional Rent Guarantee option. The Legal expenses with Rent Guarantee option also provides cover up to £3,000 per month for loss of rent. Please refer to the Insurer Product Information and Policy Document for full details of this cover.

Legal Expenses with Rent Guarantee

Nasty surprises such as burst pipes, lost keys or pest infestation are not only unpleasant, they can also be expensive. Home Emergency cover protects your clients financially and helps practically to resolve the problem. In an emergency, clients can ring a 24 HOUR HELPLINE and the insurer will arrange for an approved contractor to carry out the necessary work to the highest standards.