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With the help of concentrated feedback from introducing advisers, we have made improvements to the user experience of its Quoforma + online quote system.

Advisers were invited to a unique day in London within a lab test environment where they discussed the current user experience of the Assurant quoting platform to gauge how they responded to requested navigation tasks around the system. The feedback that was collated has led to layout and presentation improvements, resulting in even greater usability, particularly if advisers use the platform in face to face interviews with customers.


According to Assurant Intermediary’s Head of Distribution, Carl Stacey, listening to what introducers wanted from Assurant’s system to constantly evolve the platform has been an important exercise.


He said, “Who better to share feedback on our system than the people who use it every day with their customers? It has been a valuable exercise and I am pleased to advise that we have implemented several of the recommendations made by those involved in the focus group. As an example, one of the suggestions was to increase the text size of the premiums on the quote results page, as this is one of the most important factors to both advisers and customers. 


I am delighted we have been able to act on their observations to make the kind of enhancements which make our Quoforma+ a market leading resource for all advisers wanting to promote home insurance.”