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When we think about insuring a property, we tend to consider the core cover, our home and contents, protecting against loss due to events like a fire, flood or theft.

But what about the additional cover that may be available on the policy? Some of the examples below may automatically be included within your customers policy but not all policies will have the right level, and some won’t include the cover at all.

Accidental Damage cover

How many of your customers have full accidental damage on both the home and their contents with their existing policy?

There are a lot of claims made where damage can be caused by a mistake. By that I mean cover against your home or contents where it is accidently damaged or broken beyond repair by a family member, visitor or even a pet. Without the additional accidental damage option added to your policy, this kind of event may not be covered.

What about insurance cover for outside the home?

Personal Possessions cover

When we think about household insurance, naturally it is easy just to imagine a building with belongings safely inside, all covered by the policy.

Most of your customers will have possessions that are usually worn or taken outside of the home. But are they insured?

Here are some examples to consider, some are obvious, some not so much!

  • Jewellery – Rings, Watches, Earrings, Bracelets etc
  • Glasses
  • Mobile phones and other portable devices
  • Laptops
  • Hearing Aids
  • Sports equipment

Do they have personal possessions cover in place and do they have the right level of cover? Have items of value been specified? Have they been correctly valued? Do they have Proof of ownership? (For items of value these questions would be asked if a claim was made)

Cover outside the home

In addition, what happens if we widen our focus beyond the front door and what we usually take outside and look at cover within the boundaries of the home.

Some of your customers will have a garden or garden shed, maybe some have a garage or even a cabin / man cave! Consider the buildings and possessions that are not in the house but still on the property.

How about :-

  • Bicycles
  • Garden tools - Lawn mowers, strimmers, shears etc
  • House tools – Ladders, drills, hammers etc
  • Fridges & freezers
  • Garden furniture
  • Gym equipment

It is amazing just how many items of value we keep in an outbuilding outside the house. Have you thought how much money it would cost to replace everything of value not actually in the house?

Finally, what about insurance when you go away on holiday?

Some of us might have been successful and have had our holiday. If not abroad then on a staycation here in the UK.

Whether you went away for a few days or a full two weeks, everything you take with you is at risk from theft, loss or being sent to the wrong destination.

Offer your customers a review of their home & contents insurance to make sure they are covered not only in the home but across their wider property and belongings. Make sure cover is fit for purpose and to the correct insurance value so your customers have a policy which actually protects what they need rather than what they think it does!
Not all policies are the same…

Please do get in touch if we can work with you to help you help your customers.

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