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Following on from our previous postings - HOW DO WE COUNTER THE EFFECTS OF HIGHER HOME INSURANCE PREMIUMS FOR CUSTOMERS? and THE PERFECT TIME TO COUNTER THE ONLINE PROTECTION PROVIDERShere is our third and final part of this series on how you can help your customers avoid the home insurance pitfalls.

There are two particular types of customer who need your help when it comes to putting their home insurance in place.

We have what we call ‘Let it roll’ customers who allow their insurance package to roll on automatically at renewal time who need your help in two ways. Firstly, because their premiums could have ballooned over the period and secondly, without reviewing what they have cover for, they are in danger of being underinsured for the cover they now need.

The second group is the exact opposite and will spend time at renewal searching comparison websites to find the ‘best’ deal based solely on the cheapest price. In this instance, while price comparison sites are a good place to start, by no means do they carry the full number of potential providers or solutions.

There is also the danger of incorrectly assumed answers and underestimating the value of possessions which can lead to cheaper premiums but also to being underinsured. These customers will benefit by taking proper advice from their broker. We all know that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!

Your value to both types of customer lies in being able to gather accurate information from them to research and provide a suitable and cost effective solution. For either type, having someone else do the heavy lifting, saves each of them time and effort.

We are in busy times so if you dont have the capacity to do this yourself, there is always Assurant’s Gold Service. This is our own in house referral facility, to which you can pass your customers over and we can help guide them through the process of getting the right home insurance for the cover they need.

Whether the premium is sky high or dirt cheap, any policy is a waste of money if it doesn’t properly cover customer needs.

We would love to help you help your clients, get in touch and see if we can.

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