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From a report published at the end of last year, landlords made up 15 per cent of all property sales agreed in November 2020, the highest figure since December 2016 and nationally rents grew by three per cent in the same month.

Landlords are generally optimistic about the buy-to-let market for 2021 but some are concerned they could be easy targets for tax rises to help pay for the coronavirus crisis support.

Understandably, landlord customers are going to be focussed on ensuring that the funding for their properties is the best it can be, generating the best yield possible by purchasing in the right areas and seeking the right advice on whether to keep the properties private or look at Limited Company status to ensure the greatest tax efficiency.

We know that these priorities tend to take precedence but not insuring the rental property properly can have serious consequences if neglected. The value you bring to your landlord customers can only be increased by ensuring that they are fully and correctly insured.

Some areas of cover are common for both household or landlord insurance, but some are very specific to landlords:

  • Have they become “accidental” landlords and the property in question still has standard household insurance?
  • Has the status of the tenants changed since the insurance was originally taken out?
  • What cover restrictions are in place should the property be unoccupied?
  • Does it cover Landlord Home Emergency (and do the tenants know this information?)
  • Does it cover alternative accommodation for tenants?
  • What about additional products such as legal insurance in case of dispute / lawsuits brought by tenants?

Assurant Intermediary has a panel of four landlord products from leading insurers that offer a range of cover options to suit any of your landlord customers insurance needs - FULL cover for unoccupied properties, properties bought in limited company name and landlord contents only policies

Whether you want to write the insurance business yourself or refer it to us to action, offering to review and ensure the correct insurance is in place should become a top priority for every adviser with your landlord clients.

Contact us and find out how we can help support you on this.

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